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Scrubbie Testimonials

"The scrubbies were a SMASH hit at the family Christmas celebration...my nephews used them to ping family members in the head, my sister's step-son thought it was a "body scrub" item (roll-eyes), but everyone liked them and couldn't believe they were actually handmade! Then they asked how I managed to get all Christmas colors. This was BEFORE anybody got into the egg nog!! -- Really though, they loved them as I thought they would. Thank you for making and selling these items!! (AA, 12/25/05)

"I have to confess... I don't clean my bathtub until someone is coming to visit. So maybe every 3-4 months. Today I was whining and griping, when I had a moment of clarity [Wink] I spritzed the tub with CLR spray, let it sit for a couple mins, then came back and attacked with a Goodworks Scrubbie. Whoo-hoo!! Super easy soap scum removal. I'm talking Magic Eraser type easy. So, since I'm not clean enough [Wink] to be a fantastic customer, I had to spread the word so that she'll stay in business. [Big Grin]"(Terrafreaky, 5/25/2004)

"They ARE wonderful! I bought between 2-3 DOZEN around christmas, gave some to EVERYONE...and they ALL loved them!Wanted to know if I was gonna do it again THIS year....."(Hazel, 5/24/2004)

"I can also testify to the magic powers of the Goodworks Scrubbies! They are excellent and very durable."( mapledr, 5/25/2004)

"Ode to a Scrubbie


That cute little ball of blue twine

Packs a powerful punch in the kitchen

It scrubs to an effortless shine

Again and again and again


Of dirt you won't even find traces

Tough enough for the grimiest pan

But gentle in all the right places!

Come to think of it... who needs a man?


So don't tell my hubby

But I LOVE my Scrubbie! [Wink]" (Cheeky Chocolatier!, 5/26/2004)


"Take it out to the barn - it's terrific for easing mud off legs and spiffing up other delicate equine areas.  It's simple to use, and so gentle even thin-skinned horses won't mind it."(Kathleen 2/22/2006)

"These scrubbies are the best ... never found anything that comes close as far as durability and usefulness! We use them everywhere ... they work great on those pesky bugs that get smooshed on the front of the car too!"(Doofy 5/30/2004)